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Obsessidian - “Saki” Family  I  Nitsots Saranga

“Obsessidian” is material research, rethinking lava and volcanic rocks as raw materials, and suggesting a human intervention in a place that has been natural so far- the transformation from lava, to rock, into volcanic glass.

The project suggests a new perspective on lava and volcanic eruption by-products as natural materials, that are abundant but still have very limited uses. The Research process has begun in Iceland, then moved to Israel, and led to new diverse working methods- creating artificial conditions for crystallization and cooling.

The different outcomes enhance the great potential of lava as raw material, while capturing various states of aggregation and introducing new visual manifestations, inspired by local archaeology. The presented items are a part of the “Saki” collection, combining porcelain and black scoria rock- ceramics glazed with lava.

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