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Conflict  I  Abir Hiralla Shtainer

 As a young woman who grow up with a Jewish mother and a Muslim father, the artist has experienced the conflict up close. While trying to define her identity, she felt divided between two very different and yet incredibly similar worlds.

In this work she attempts to capture the essence of the conflict from her perspective. The material from which the two lumps are made is the same and they are essentially similar, but the time and struggles that each went through over the years, wound them, and shaped each differently. The composition of the project simulates the same relentless power struggle, which created dependence between the two. The use of light and shadow adds another dimension to the complex story.

Poetically, when the lumps unite their boundaries blur.

An optimistic tone begins to emerge, the beginning of a side by-side march to a common future and a harmonious life.   

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